26 Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas For a Small Bathroom


Often, the size of space is limited, thus creating obstacles that prevent the house look beautiful, including in the core rooms, such as kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. One room that’s often a scourge in interior
design is the design of a minimalist bathroom, for example size of 1 x 2 hich is quite difficult due to space constraints.

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Choosing a bathroom with a shower head is very effective because it will leave room for movement in your minimalist bathroom. Not to forget, this bathroom should separate wet and dry areas with a simple glass screen. The interior arrangement of a minimalist small-sized bathroom is quite simple, but maximum thanks to the selection of the right toiletries. The shower area which has been restricted with a curved glass screen with curved contours makes the atmosphere of a minimalist bathroom not too stiff.


If the use of bathroom glass with a door model is deemed impractical and reduces flexibility, you can use bathroom glass with a sliding door because sliding doors will not reduce space. The use of clear glass on the sliding door will make the perception of a wider space. And that is some preference that you can use as bathroom mirror ideas for your small bathroom.