28 Best Minimalist Modern Bathroom Ideas


Minimalist and modern ideas are suitable for bathroom. In fact, you only need necessary thing in bathroom to support your activity. People does not use bathroom for the entire day, and the things should be as simple as possible without losing the aesthetic side. This is the idea for minimalist modern bathroom style.

Before going further, many people think minimalist is about small room with no space to put anything. That’s quite true because the concept starts from the way everything in bathroom is what you will use often. Moreover, modern style started in urban area where people did not live in lavish house with many rooms. They tried to accommodate space as functional as possible including bathroom. That’s why recent modern decoration will focus on keeping everything simple. The combination between minimalist and modern touch creates what bathroom supposed to be in contemporary era.

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It starts with space allocation. If bathroom is already in your house, redesigning will emphasize the furniture. Vanity, cabinet, even mirrors are essential stuffs on bathroom. You can put them in one spot, not spreading in any place. Try to blend furniture and other tools with bathroom colors. At first, you only see vast the room, but actually the hidden vanity or cabinet are mounted on the wall.