27 Cute Winter Outfits for Going Out


We already officially passed the winter solstice and entered the season of below freezing temps. Dressing for frigid days means bundling up in endless knits and woolen layers, but the evening presents an entirely separate challenge. What going-out wardrobe can you wear on a winter night that will look fashionable without leaving you frozen and bitterly uncomfortable? The looking chic versus feeling comfortable quandary is never more relevant than during the holiday party circuit and New Year’s Eve celebrations, but it continues to come up well into February and March too, so it’s a wardrobe struggle worth addressing, once and for all.

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It takes a definite quantity of styling discreetness to master the “going-out” look throughout winter. And oftentimes it’s just easier to cancel plans and stay wrapped up in a Snugge — instead of that skimpy dress with the strappy shoes. But in an attempt to avoid being branded the flaky friend throughout this event-packed (and freezing) season, we have a tendency to crafted associate degree outfit guide for fast-and-easy consultation in inclement weather.

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Statement outerwear is key, too. Choose a topper that can integrate as a stylish element of your overall look, not just the obligatory, outfit-ruining coat you can’t wait to take off once you step inside. Whether it’s a girls’ night out on the town, a first date, or a humble house party, here are 19 easy ideas for how to dress to thrill while still dressing for the chill.