24 Stunning Secret Garden Design Ideas For Summer


Summer becomes the right season to enjoy garden and outdoor activity. Several ideas are ready to bring awesomeness to your garden in summer. When thinking about summer, the first thing in mind is hot temperature. Moreover, you are in the garden in order to relax and gain fresh breeze. In this case, the garden has trees with enough green leaves to supply oxygen. This part is technical, but very important. Those trees are planted in garden boundaries, not in center area. They will be a retreat place where you can put the bench, seating furniture, even dining table.

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Trees are not enough with proper lawn. You can start to mow that lawn and keep all grass height in the same level. You do not want to get trouble when stepping from one spot to another, right? Right lawn is like floor in indoor decoration. Garden also needs small plants and flowers, even fruit tree. You can plant them in artistic configuration with enough space for them to grow.

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Moreover, flowers will show their blossoming at high peak during summer. You should plant them in area that’s easy to see from many directions. In fact, center is the right place, and flowers are surrounded by patio or pathway. The key thing when decorating summer garden is the breeze air as well as the enough space to enjoy green landscape.