20 Gorgeous Women Blonde Hairstyles Trending In 2020


While the age-old question—do blondes actually have more fun?—may never be answered, one thing’s for sure: They have more options than ever before. Classic blonde hair colors like platinum and honey are joined by plenty of trending shades like s’mores (really) and Nordic white, giving every skin tone and hair color an opportunity to lighten up. If you’ve been toying with the thought of going blonde or are just looking to shower your color, a replacement decade may be a better time than any to go for it.

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“The difference is is that platinum blonde typically show hues of warmth,” says Jaz España, colorist & extension specialist at BlackStones Salon. “While white blonde has far fewer signs of warmth, reflecting cooler tones and icy hues.” Nowadays there are thousands of options to choose from when you decide to go for blond hair. With lots of ways out there to ease your way into the effortless blonde living, going blonde is an incredibly fun process.

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We spoke to top colorists to find out what the most requested blonde hair colors are of the moment—and what everyone will be wanting come 2020. Check out these blonde shades and give being a blonde a second thought. Or, if you’re already rocking a luscious blonde, don’t be afraid to vary it up slightly and add a touch of caramel or a touch of contrast!

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