15 women winter coat


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dressing as you do during the warmer months. While we like one-and-so dresses that keep us going through summer, there are many possibilities for clothes that come with winter.

The weather will definitely get you out, but how will you arrange it? You must have reached for an important winter coat, but is it wool, camels or trenches over Breton? You can do worse than adopting a wool coat and a plaid Swift Taylor skirt, or maybe you will think smart and stay calm (but warm) in gray or pale colors that are matched in pairs with white pants or cropped denim, and topped with a fedora.

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Winter weather is the perfect reason to improve your wardrobe, and lucky for you, we have found the perfect cold-weather coat to add to your closet. From comfortable cashmere to sophisticated silk, here are the most stylish choices that will keep you feeling warm throughout the season.