15 Outstanding Casual Summer Outfits To Try Now


Summertime is when you put away your heavy wools and take out your stylish and comfortable summer outfits that keep you cool and show more skin giving you a real chic and outstanding look. Summer dresses are definitely more flattering and make you look slim too.

Long, flared skirts are timeless summer outfits that can be combined with a white T-shirt and bare heels. A short summer dress with ruffled details is a very typical outfit that you wear with sandals in the summer. It will not only flaunt your sexy shape, but also make you look very carefree and cool. A shift dress or a dress in A-line in light pastel shades looks very appealing and still keeps you cool. In combination with a white, loose shirt or a striped shirt you look very elegant. An oversized bodice may be worn over a medium or long skirt with block heel.

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Vertical striped or white pants that are worn with a tank top will give you a new high this summer. High waist shorts in combination with a white buttoned blouse can work wonders and look slimmer. Summer is the time when you can wear strappy necklines and bright floral dresses.