15 Celebrity Summer Outfits You Can Copy Now


no matter how many trips you’ve been on, packing for a vacation never seems easy. Whether you’re bringing multiple suitcases or a small carry-on, deciding on what to wear for a luxurious beachside vacation can create as much anxiety as the stress that we’re trying to rid by going on the vacation in the first place.

The official start of summer is still a day away, but it’s felt like summer for months now, and we can all probably agree that the unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day weekend. Accordingly, celebrities are out and about everywhere the planet recently, wearing warm-weather looks that are even as appropriate in August (aka the canicule of summer).

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It’s admittedly a troublesome job to settle on the simplest celebrity looks of summer when a day brings epic new ones to settle on from. With Cannes and a slew of summer movie premieres, women’s fashion weeks, and tropical vacations happening as lately , there’s been no shortage of trendy outfits.