15 Casual skirt outfits for winter


Are you inquisitive a way to wear skirts in winters? What outfits to wear with skirts within the cold season? No matter how cold the weather is, that it doesn’t mean that you should not wear dresses and skirts. With the correct styling, you’ll be able to still wear skirts, despite however cold it’s.
An obvious, easy pairing? A maxi skirt with a cozy sweater. But don’t limit yourself to just that ensemble this winter. You can pair the floor-grazing piece with just about everything, whether that’s the double-jacket trend, a sporty hoodie, or a blazer.

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Once the temperatures really drop, slip into a pair of tights to prevent your legs from getting too cold. Depending on the length, you can either let the hosiery show (pick a cute patterned pair!) or slip into knee-high boots that offer even more coverage.

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The never ending battle between wanting to look incredibly chic in a skirt and worrying about freezing your legs off is truly taunting. We recently got a question on Ask Fustany about how beautiful Parisian women walk around in short skirts during December and the festive season without getting cold. We wanted to put it to the test, to look at the possible things you can do to keep your legs warm, and here’s how you can wear skirts in winter: